Journey to natural history museum in perspective of children

Interest against the science, to increase permanence of learned theoretical knowledge can be provided via visual, auditory and tactile science and technology lessons in schools. Museums are seen as the key learning areas that aim to reinforce the learning and to show concrete face of science. Easy and comfortable transportation to museums in major cities is a big advantage comparing to the students who live in provincial cities and does not have same chance. In order to give a chance to those students, the elementary schools students in the five district of Eastern Anatolia Region experienced their first journey to a natural history museum in TURKEY. This educational journey to Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy Natural History Museum was supported by TUBITAK. The study was carried out to help student observe and experience the natural museum from children’s perspectives. Children perspectives’ about Prof. Dr. Ali Demirsoy Natural History Museum comprises of three categories, which are expectations and estimates, experiences (Subcategories are observation and emotional experiences) and reflections of attitude.