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The Journal aims to stimulate discussions on contemporary topics in science and mathematics education and to foster the application of the results in primary, secondary, and higher education. Research papers are welcome for rapid publication. The European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education is open-access, peer-reviewed and published quarterly. There are no publication charges.



Current issue vol. 4, no. 1, January  2016
The impact of guided student-generated questioning on chemistry achievement and self-efficacy of elementary preservice teachers
Christine Moseley     Emily Bonner     Marilyn Ibey                                
Promising teacher practices: studentsí views about their science learning
Azra Moeed     Matthew Easterbrook                                    
Definitions are important: the case of linear algebra
Abraham Berman     Ludmila Shvartsman                                    
How does grit impact college studentsí academic achievement in science?
Paul Bazelais     David John Lemay     Tenzin Doleck                                
Investigation of the reasons of negative perceptions of undergraduate students regarding the modern physics course
Ayhan Aksakalli     Riza Salar     Umit Turgut                                
Comparative effects of concept mapping and cooperative learning strategies on senior secondary school studentsí achievement in mathematics-trigonometry in Kano State, Nigeria
Thomas D. Bot     John E. Eze                                    
Developing conceptual understanding and procedural fluency for junior high school students through model-facilitated learning (MFL)
Laswadi     Yaya S. Kusumah     Sutawanir Darwis     Jarnawi D. Afgani                            
The science-technology-society framework for achieving scientific literacy: an overview of the existing literature
Steven M. Autieri     Aidin Amirshokoohi     Mahsa Kazempour                                
Classification of end-of-chapter questions in senior school chemistry textbooks used in Nigeria
Johnson Enero Upahi     Mutaheer Jimoh                                    
Instruction strategies work out by mathematics teachers: evaluating the affect on bachelor of education
Sumaira Khan     Syed Zubair Haider     Amjad Ali Bukhari