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The Journal aims to stimulate discussions on contemporary topics in science and mathematics education and to foster the application of the results in primary, secondary, and higher education. Research papers are welcome for rapid publication. The European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education is open-access, peer-reviewed and published quarterly. There are no publication charges.



Current issue vol. 4, no. 3, July  2016
Math is like a lion hunting a sleeping gazelle: preservice elementary teachers’ metaphors of mathematics
Carmen M. Latterell     Janelle L. Wilson                                    
A time profile of mathematics in a ‘gap year’ in Irish secondary schools
Mark Prendergast     Niamh O’Meara                                    
A scoping study investigating student perceptions towards inquiry based learning in the laboratory
Nicola King     Thomas Van der Touw     Lucy Spowart     Craig Lawlor                            
Mathematical induction: deductive logic perspective
Hamide Dogan                                        
Investigation of the relationship between pre-service science teachers’ perceived self-efficacy in science teaching and disposition toward reflective thinking
Safak Ulucinar Sagir     Oktay Aslan     Harun Bertiz     Fulya Oner Armagan                            
An alternative triangle area strategy
Tod Shockey     P. Zhang     P. Brosnan                                
Question classification taxonomies as guides to formulating questions for use in chemistry classrooms
Kayima Festo                                        
Secondary school mathematics student teachers’ causal attribution for success and failure in mathematics
Savas Basturk                                        
Advanced level biology teachers’ attitudes towards assessment and their engagement in assessment for learning
Sharon Bramwell-Lalor     Marcia Rainford                                    
Astronauts in outer space teaching students science: comparing Chinese and American implementations of space-to-earth virtual classrooms
Song A. An     Meilan Zhang     Daniel A. Tillman     William Robertson     Carlos R. Paez                        
Science club - a concept
Claas Wegner     Nicole Issak     Katharina Tesch     Carolin Zehne