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The Journal aims to stimulate discussions on contemporary topics in science and mathematics education and to foster the application of the results in primary, secondary, and higher education. Research papers are welcome for rapid publication. The European Journal of Science and Mathematics Education is open-access, peer-reviewed and published quarterly. There are no publication charges.



Current issue vol. 4, no. 2, April  2016
An investigation into students’ difficulties in numerical problem solving questions in high school biology using a numeracy framework
Fraser J. Scott                                        
Light pollution in natural science textbooks in Spanish secondary education
Teresa Muñoz Contel     Ignacio García Ferrandis     Xavier García Ferrandis                                
Aspects of theories, frameworks and paradigms in mathematics education research
Dorian Stoilescu                                        
Adults’ views on mathematics education: a Midwest sample
Caitlin C. Brez     Jessica J. Allen                                    
Does every cell get blood? young students’ discussions about illustrations of human blood circulation
Anna-Karin Westman     Karl-Göran Karlsson                                    
Teaching and learning geometry in drama based instruction
Behiye Ubuz     Asuman Duatepe-Paksu                                    
Gender and achievement in English language arts, science and mathematics in secondary schools in Nigeria
James S. Etim     Alice S. Etim     George Heilman     S. Mathiyalakan     Eno Ntukidem                        
A collaborative endeavour between mathematics and science educators: focus on the use of percent in chemistry
Ajay Ramful     Danny Bedgood     Thomas Lowrie                                
Using a concept cartoon method to address elementary school students’ ideas about natural phenomena
Michaela Minárechová                                        
Students' views on mathematics in single-sex and coed classrooms in Ghana
Emmanuel Adu-tutu Bofah     Markku S Hannula                                    
The relationship between pre-service science teachers’ epistemological beliefs and preferences for creating a constructivist learning environment
Asli Saylan     Fulya Oner Armagan     Oktay Bektas                                
The junior high school integrated science: the actual teaching process in the perspective of an ethnographer
Kenneth Adu-Gyamfi     Joseph Ghartey Ampiah